The Marines of

The Basic School, 1-67

TBS-Patch (custom made for TBS 1-67)

had a Spectacular 35th Reunion!

  Report - July, 2001

The 35th Reunion was held on June 15-17, 2001, at the Old Town Holiday Inn, on King Street in Alexandria, Virginia.  There are nearly 100 photos posted on a separate web page - almost all from Mike Wholley to date, but keep checking!  The Reunion events included:

Friday, June 15, 1530-1930 - We started assembling "on time" for the reception in the Carlyle Room, with "heavy" hors d'oeuvres. There was an open bar for beer, wine, soda, cash for hard stuff. Bob L. had planned for 60 people and there was a full crew by cocktail hour!

At about 7:30 pm (that is 1930, right?) we hopped on the charter bus to the Marine Barracks Evening Parade at 8th & "I".  Mike Wholley was taking digital photos while we loaded and everyone seems to be ID'ed on our "Pics" page. It was a bit hot and sticky, the benches at the Barracks could have been softer, but the Parade was great and seemed to include a few embellishments since our last viewing.  Alas, photos of the Parade now in hand are too dark.

Everyone found their way back to the bus, but our driver was a bit creative about a route back.  However, it all went smoothly and there still was a good group of guys, spouses and friends with enough energy to gather in the hotel bar, watch the Laker's playoff victory and continue the stories.

Saturday, June 16, Morning - There was enough to eat at our continental breakfast in the Carlyle Room; a great start to the day, except we had to board the bus in a solid down-pour while loading box lunches - it was memorable for all, especially the "loaders" - praise the Lord and pass the box lunches!  The bus ride to Quantico continued in the rain, but the weather did not interfere with our tour of TBS. Lieutenant Colonel Joseph C. Shusko, the TBS commanding officer, was a great host!  We tour the classrooms, heard about the revised curriculum (many hours!) and saw some of the new martial arts training.  We continued on to "mainside" visited the Leadership Reaction course at OCS and picked up appropriate souvenirs at the MCA gift shop.  Hope we left enough green for the Association, Jack! 

Saturday, Afternoon - Our bus headed back to Alexandria in heavy traffic (needed to detour right by Mt. Vernon), picked up a few folks and then to DC for a visit to the Vietnam Memorial.  Rev. Al McLean had several very good readings for the occasion, Mike Wholley read the list of our classmates lost in Vietnam and we all visited the Wall.

Sat, June 16, 1700-1900 - We were soon back for (another) reception in the Carlyle Room (which we had all weekend with a great staff); more hors d'oeuvres and the same bar set up.  There were more than 75 of us. The Carlyle Room had "TBS Display" tables on one end for the entire weekend for our use and Bob and Andy assembled great memorabilia and photos. The display included almost all the weekly B Company schedule "bulletins" AND the final class standings, combined for "A" and "B" Company. Many offers were made for copies – whether to suppress or publish, it is not known – and this document was returned to its "source" on Sunday, uncopied! (I made the "top 2/3"!).  This was our background for the "Platoon Photos". As usual, the 4th Platoon had the best turnout!

The tables had fresh flower centerpieces. The dinner buffet was copious and great - chicken, roast beef and "other"! This let us continue our chit-chat and photos.  There was a live tune by Chuck Vogt, Tommy Thompson, and Bob Schmitt:

The Song of the Marines

from "The Singing Marine"
sung by Dick Powell, 1937)

Over the sea, let's go men,
We're shovin' right off,
We're shovin' right off again.

Nobody knows where or when,
We're shovin' right off,
We're shovin' right off again.

It may be Shanghai,
Farewell and goodbye.
Sally and Sue, don't be blue.
We'll just be gone for years and years -
And then -
We're shovin' right off for home again!

Click to hear this song!
(Courtesy of "

 First, we saw a great wedding video, provided by Rich Hodory and transcribed from his 1966 home movie. It was hard to ID all the teen-age officers and the non-military (women's) fashions provided much comment!

Mike Wholley brought us up to date on the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation with a video and invited all to a morning open house in their new, nearby HQ building. Soon it was time for the wireless mic, which let each of the guys be profound, humorous, or profoundly humorous!  Several complained about laughing themselves sick!  Once again, no known record was made of the speeches, so all of us are free to embellish the "official" record - just like Congress!  The evening continued on and on, but was over much too quickly.  One quote is memorable (and perhaps the speaker will be identified), in paraphrase: 

"The reunions of "B" Company, TBS 1-67 are a permanent event - as long as there are two guys to get together, we will have a Reunion!"

Sunday, June 17, 0730 -1000 - Sunday morning and it was continental breakfast in the Carlyle Room again!  Not many were up and about to face the daylight, but there was a bit more tale-telling and farewells until the next time. Many of the Sunday risers walked a block up King Street to see the new Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation headquarters building, just opened a week earlier. It’s a beautiful, historic building, but Mike did not seem disposed to making it also a "B Company" clubhouse! Full story later.

TBS Threads!

The shirts turned out great!  See examples on the Reunion photo pages.  Hays Parks successfully took care of our order for "TBS shirts" during May - this shirt was the “Official TBS Reunion Polo Shirt” included in the Reunion registration fee. Anyone not coming to the Reunion also could order a shirt - or an extra.  And members of "B Company" can still send an order and money to Bob (address below). We now have a TBS emblem embroidered (see top of page), so future shirts can have either a TBS or USMC emblem. All orders  must specify:

1. Quantity
2. Size
3. Color(s)
Colors are black, navy blue, forest green, and khaki (pebble); send a $20 check (or credit card info) for each shirt (postage included) to me at:

Bob Schmitt
Halo Effects, Inc.
10061 Riverside Drive, #136
Toluca Lake, CA 91602

The next order cut off is about July 31.  Patches are available "in stock" currently for $12 each.

Financial Report

From Bob Lange:


The day of reckoning is upon us.

Total expenses for the 35th Reunion, including the balance owed on the great looking shirts:

Friday night Room Rent, Reception, and bus to Parade: $4,919
Saturday Room Rent, Breakfast, Bus to TBS/The Wall/Lunch: $2,332
Saturday night Reception, Dinner and flowers: $5,238
Sunday Room Rent and Breakfast: $805
Balance owed on shirts: $712
Deposit Refund check owed (1): $175



I have basically billed each attendee based on the events he/they attended, except the hotel Reunion room rental which is spread across everyone - 3 days @ $250 per day.

With the shirts, I have included $20 in everyone's balance for your personal shirt. Many paid Hays directly for extra shirts because the cost of one shirt would be included in the Reunion costs. If you did not pay Hays for extra shirts, add $20 per shirt to your balance. If you did not order a shirt, deduct $20 from your balance due.  Send your check to me at:"

Bob Lange
129 Fence Post Road
Stafford, VA 22554

Phone: 540-752-6146

Our Comrades' Relatives

Tom Pierpan suggested:

"Has any consideration been given by the reunion committee to inviting the children (or spouses) of our fallen comrades? I will be happy to help in any way I can. I saw an article in the Washington Post several years ago about children whose fathers fell in Vietnam.  I'll have to dig through some old files to see if I kept that newspaper article. I seem to remember this article mentioned a national support organization of (by now) adult children of KIA Viet Nam vets dedicated to helping find out more about their deceased fathers. Let me know what the others think, and I'll try to follow up in the meantime."

Questionnaire for the Cruise Book

Andy Vaart needs YOUR data so that he can put the Reunion/TBS 1-67 "yearbook" together:

Nickname: preferred or earned
Family: wife, spousal unit, significant other 
Anything else: job, hobbies, etc. Whatever you want to
What you're up to these days:
Career/Life Highlights, Chrono,
TBS memories;
TBS lessons, as in "Everything I learned about life I learned at TBS-or not."
*Must be filled out

The data from this form will be sent directly to Andy

Please also send a portrait photo (or artist's portrait!) - TBS time or early USMC time, and a current shot. Any other TBS photos from 1966 are greatly desired! "Originals" will be accepted and returned after scanning.  "Tiff", "jpg" or "gif" files, if electronic ones, are preferred. Since we're planning to print the year book, good quality graphic files are desirable, about 300-400 dpi/pixels per inch.  We want to include all our classmates, including our deceased comrades, so please also send a few memories about those guys.

Or mail material to:

Andy Vaart
2436 Freetown Drive
Reston, VA 20191


Fax: 703-264-1653

Thanks! Andy Vaart

Missing Guys - Leads

The web-page for TBS 1-67 members not located now has a column with "leads/comments", which will be updated with new data as it turns up.  Please help us find these guys, or just send a note when an old brain cell re-activates!

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