TBS B Co. 55th Anniversary Reunion

Pensacola, San Diego, Washington D.C. or ??

Update: March 8, 2021

Reunion Survey

Responses received from 42 "B" Company members

San Diego

Top 10 Attractions, also there is MCRD, the Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum at MCAS Miramar, the Wild Animal Park (Escondido), Petco Park (baseball), aviation and auto museums in Balboa Park.

Note: The Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum needs YOUR help to remain open!


Larry Karch reports:

For a future reunion, the greater Pensacola area really does have a lot to offer as Dave Taylor has noted. If you're willing to take a car trip to the west, you can see the USS Alabama, BB-60, anchored in Mobile Bay. Driving further west and south of the city of Mobile, AL there's Bellingrath Gardens and Home which is plenty spectacular. Driving to the east there's the beach resort town of Destin which is favorite for many vacationers. And then further east there is Hurlburt Field, home to the USAF Special Ops Command. They have a SOC museum there open to the public.

The only questions are operating hours for these sights because of the pandemic. However, as time goes on, they'll all be open with some Covid precautions in effect.

Dave Taylor initially reported:

"I just came back from a visit to Pensacola and it is tremendous. The Hilton Resort sits at the location of the old Tiki Lounge and there is a Marriott Resort hotel right next to it and all the recreational facilities in the world right there. Also about 8 tremendous restaurants including the Grand Marlin where I had one of the best meals I have ever had in my life. 

I stayed at the RV park right across the street in my MB van and had electric bikes for transportation. The main bridge is closed between Gulf Breeze and downtown due to the most recent hurricane but will be open by March.  

When I was last there I could not believe how well developed and how nice downtown is and I also visited the Air Museum. While there I met Duane "Drano" Thiessen who is director of the Museum (not sure of his current status). He had approached me in the shop, somehow identifying me as a Marine and was "yes sir/three bags fulling me" until I realized he was a retired Lt. General and told him he didn't have to do that anymore.  

Capt. Cox and Major Broad from TBS would have been appalled.  

At any rate, I think if we have another reunion, Pensacola would be a great choice. It might be instructive for the grunts to see the sacrifices we made hoping for the war to be over while they were over there humping it out and taking real risks.   

If we do this keep in mind that Ed Hinckle was Mayor of Pensacola and could probably help out and I could probably get my good friend Terry Dake (former Assistant Commandant of USMC and a  CO of HMX-1) and fellow Squadron mate at HMH-462 to come and share the time with us and be guest speaker. photos of Hilton and Marriott hotels on beach and of Grand Marlin restaurant.

David Taylor 4th Platoon TBS 1-67"

"Agreed as to Pensacola, and I can arrange discount Hilton Beach Hotel rates for our group and if we want to have a sit down Dinner or Lunch or Happy Hour by the pool Pravillion I can save us money as I am the Program Coordinator for the International Transportation Safety Bar Association that has a convention at the PNS BEACH HILTON every 4 or 5 years for the last 20 years. Somebody just has to handle our groups vote authorizing me to do this .

Semper Fi Brothers, 

Tony Jobe, HMM 161, Quan Tri

Cell 985-249-0159. 

1144 Hardy Drive Covington LA 70433"



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